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TIM STUBBS - Friday, March 27, 2015

On Monday my wife and I closed on our first house, since this house was the rental we’ve been in for the last 2 years there is a long list of things we could’ve been doing for fix up. Of course my suggestion was to instead take the 15 month old up for a hike in Estes while the weather is still nice. Indeed we did!

We stopped at our local coffee shop “Cups” for one of my favorite’s; a double shot vanilla latte with a dash of cinnamon or as they call it, the Vinnie. I always enjoy a nice cup of joe when heading up the Big Thompson Canyon and at times also stop at Jamoka Joes’ right off the Hwy-34. It has been a year since one of the most devastating natural disasters in Colorado’s history and the damage still remains in stretches. If you haven’t read Kevin Duggan’s “Recovery After Rivers Rage” on the Coloradoan, find it here and ponder the before and after pictures as well as the first photo of the Rough’n It Wright cabin that still hangs above the water like an open sardine can.

If you’ve driven up the Thompson Canyon you know the feeling of anticipation after the Whispering Pine Cottages when you take the final climb out of the narrow canyon, the terrain opens up and mountains surround you. The continental divide towering in the distance on a blue sky day always brings a smile to my face! We quickly cruised to our destination hike for the day; Gem Lake. A simple almost 4 mile hike near Twin Owls which offers amazing views of Estes and Longs Peak while taking you through cool rock formations and some dense forest. The simple trail allowed our baby girl to get off of the carrier and practice her hiking skills: climbing rocks, throwing rocks, playing with sticks and enjoying the sounds of the forest. There were only a handful of families at the lake and we were able to snag a great sandy lunch spot in shade near the water’s edge.

Logically, no trip to Estes Park is complete without the post hiking rewarding of ice-cream, Elk Tracks! While eating our cones we also meet some new friends at The Grey House which carries fantastic apparel for Men, women and the kiddo’s. With our belly’s full of frozen dairy and dirt was on our legs we rolled back down Hwy-34 sporting satisfied grins that only come from a day in Estes Park.

Stay Rado Estes!

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